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Investment My custody
  • HOT
    Triones 4
    9 %
    - 25 %
    Est. Annualized Returns
    30 d
    Sold out
  • HOT 保本固收
    Star I(Q2)
    8.5 %
    Annualized Returns
    90 d
    Risk isolation
  • HOT 保本固收
    8.5 %
    Annualized Returns
    90 d
    Risk isolation
  • Limited Time Offer
    Star II
    8 %
    Annualized Returns
    30 d
    Risk isolation
Risk Isolation Zone Principal guaranteed + fixed income, inferior portion used for follow-up investment
Unfold all projects
Safe&Progressive Zone Seeking growth, enjoying stable profit at ease
Unfold all projects
Galactic Expedition Zone High risk, superior return
Unfold all projects
Risk Isolation Zone
Safe&Progressive Zone
Galactic Expedition Zone
  • Guaranteed coverage
    Principal + minimum fix interest
    Principal + minimum fix interest + floating profit
  • Earning methods
    Fixed interest
  • Risk level
  • Est. Annualized Returns
    Approximately 27%
    Approximately 42%
Earnings ranking
Return on Investment Custody Duration UID
1 62.81% -- d ****8866
2 46.12% -- d ****3979
3 39.36% -- d ****7303
We are pro at assets management
  • 615

    Running smoothly

  • ≈7,585.4267 BTC

    Total managed

  • ≈175.7328 BTC

    Profit generated

  • 1. Digital assets investment is risky, please read the description of the corresponding asset management product carefully.
  • 2. Due to the setting and other reasons, the asset management products have different closure periods and hesitations. The update time of net value is determined according to the product's own introduction. Please read the relevant terms carefully or consult customer service directly.
  • 3. At the end of the custody period, the management fee is charged according to the total profit value. If there is no profit, the management fee will not be charged. The management fee will be charged only once in each custody period.
  • 4. The custody strategies without a fixed start and end period will not be started until the minimum custody amount reached. Bibox will notify users every 3 days whether to unlock.
Exclusive customer service
Risk Reminder

The historical performance of all strategies does not guarantee the future performance, and the expected rate of return is not the same as guaranteeing that proportional return. Bibox and its partner team will provide compensation for all losses below the liquidation line, but users may still have to bear losses within the max drawback. We strongly suggest all investors evaluate their risk tolerance reasonably and choose strategies rationally.